Your personal invite to join Engagement Experts …

We all need a fresh perspective in our work,
someone to help us think laterally beyond
what we do day in, day out

Engagement Experts gives you personal support tailored to your needs

This programme is designed for senior people with communication responsibilities, who want another experienced practitioner to think through challenges and ideas with.

If you’re serious about winning the support of senior executives and motivating employees to get engaged in change, then Engagement Experts is for you.

Perhaps senior executives are saying they’re too busy to meet with you, or there are other things more important than keeping employees up-to-date.

Maybe attitude surveys are showing morale dropping, or ad hoc feedback indicates people feel stressed by information overload.

You may be concerned that much of your engagement activities are repetitive and old-fashioned, or looking for new techniques for hard-to-reach employees.

Whatever your challenges, Engagement Experts gives you time out to think laterally beyond what you do each day. We all need fresh perspectives on our work.

You may have this support in your manager, or perhaps a mentor at work.

If not - let me help!

The ideas and material Jo Ann has provided have  helped increase my profile and generate more work. I now always consult her on communications, as she knows how to convey what I want to put across.
Joanna Brown
Partner, Beynon Nicholls

With Jo Ann’s help I discovered the environment I’m happiest working in and then she held my hand while I stepped out into the unknown. It was very valuable to find someone who could help me feel ‘securish’ while I took the risk.
Gill Perkins
Smarter Works

Jo Ann has helped me cope with a difficult situation at work. She listens and asks questions that have helped me see the issue from the perspective of people who are different to me.
Elaine Tomkinson
Medical research director, pharma

Our sessions gave me clarity in my purpose (as a mother, wife and business woman) and strategies to translate my vision into reality. Our time together was always a great source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support.
Amma Primicino
Managing Director
Azzurro Ghana

Are you feeling frustrated, worn out from fire fighting, struggling to balance priorities at work? You are not alone!

Many project and communication professionals work in small teams and, as they rise to senior levels, find themselves reporting to someone who has not experienced their challenges.

If this is you, over time you can begin to feel isolated.

You probably have little time for big picture thinking and worry you are not staying up to date with emerging trends and techniques.

You are not alone! Back in 2008 I was feeling the same…

Though my consultancy business was successful – plenty of work, overseas travel, appreciative clients – I was bored.

My work was repetitive and no longer challenging.

There was too much doing and not enough time for creative thinking.

That’s when I joined my first mastermind group.

Now I have three mentors: Bernadette for marketing, Nicki for selling and Viv for my spiritual life.

All five help me appreciate my strengths; they make me feel good about myself.

Life is more balanced, stimulating and I’m expanding my abilities.

I no longer feel like business life is closing in on me; instead I feel empowered.

And I now offer mentoring also, alongside consultancy and training.

Clients on my VIP Platinum Pathfinder mentoring programme have had some amazing successes:

  • Elaine found her ideal job – and a promotion – in Singapore
  • Amma was headhunted for a director’s position in Ghana
  • Gill has begun a portfolio career with four different start-ups
  • Joanna found a fulfilling role that allows her to balance caring responsibilities.

All of us need a mentor, someone to help us see things from different perspectives, try new ideas and develop empathy with stakeholders

Are you serious about winning the support of executives and motivating end users to get involved in change?

Then Engagement Experts is for you! Here is what’s included:

1) Private one2one mentoring and coaching

Each month we’ll have a one-to-one call by phone or skype to talk through issues you are facing in your work and that you would like an external perspective on.

Whatever your goal or challenge is, chances are I’ve already faced and resolved it with my consultancy and VIP mentoring clients.

2) Knowledge-sharing master classes

We’ll also have live monthly knowledge sharing calls with other Engagement Experts members.
During these master classes I’ll be explaining the engaging stakeholders framework I use with my consultancy clients.

Each month I’ll share at least four models, techniques, tools and tips that are easy to understand, easy to apply, very practical and action oriented.

3) Audio playback

You may not be able to make every live call. So they will be available on playback over the internet and you can listen again and again at a time that suits you.

4) Unlimited email support

In addition, I’ll be available for unlimited email support so you do not feel alone between our calls.

Having somebody like Jo Ann, with her years of experience, practical coaching style and human touch, has given me the guidance, benchmark and sounding board for ideas that are not easily obtained in the working world.
Liesl Weber
packaging industry, Belgium

I’ve been challenged to think about what people find valuable and interesting, rather than concentrating on things that are fun and creative. We need to introduce small changes that help people feel more engaged. You've helped me see how to do this, be more proactive and in line with management thinking.
Bente Roa
pharma industry, London

Helping you build new confidence and capabilities…

Engagement Experts is your affordable support network to increase confidence in your capabilities and expertise.

You'll feel greater self-assurance as you understand more your own uniqueness, the strengths you bring to your organisation and areas you want to develop.

You won't be alone as you resolve issues. We can get under their skin, consider them from different perspectives, and investigate alternative solutions and their impact, before you make decisions.

We can also explore new ideas you have and map out options, discuss potential reactions and fine-tune them before you present internally.

I'll provide a confidential listening ear when you are coping with difficult situations - perhaps lack of support from a more senior person, conflict with a colleague, or poor performance from a team member.

Imagine how your confidence will improve when you have someone who understands in some depth your passions, as well as a clear picture of the issues you face and what you want to achieve in your job.

Whatever your challenges, through Engagement Experts I can provide personal support tailored to your needs and those of your business.

I guarantee confidentiality and to share generously from my many years experience across multiple sectors.

The power of Engagement Experts…

Engagement Experts has been running since 2012. Read on the left how the programme has helped participants.

You may be wondering how I can possibly know what you are going through…

I’ve been where you are and now work with many senior practitioners in similar situations.

In my 25+ years as a communications consultant, I’ve worked with multinationals, government departments and charities.

First-hand I’ve been involved in the full gamut of activities - auditing, devising strategy, planning, implementation and monitoring.

My experiences with so many different organisations give me unique insights into what works and doesn’t work.

I’m willing to share these insights with you, along with the tools, techniques and models I’ve developed for my consultancy clients, when you join Engagement Experts.

Okay so you are probably also wondering about your investment…

… and have guessed it will require commitment on your part as well as mine.

Joining the Engagement Experts programme is a significant investment in your job and career.

In order to qualify for this programme you must be passionate about your stakeholders and committed to improving relationships with them.

This is for people who are willing to do what it takes to make a difference; who are willing to put themselves out for their stakeholders; people who are willing to invest in their own development.

We should be spending at least 40 hours a year on our own personal development, ideally 120 hours a year if we are to make big step changes. That’s 2 ½ hours a week.

I’m not asking you to give quite this much to Engagement Experts. However, you must be willing to commit at least four hours a month to our calls and implementing your personal actions.

To help you spread the cost we have two payment options:
Option One: a single payment of £1,029 + VAT in the EU
Option Two: 9 monthly payments of £127 + VAT in EU



When you apply today there’s absolutely no obligation for you to accept a place if its offered.

But you do need to fill out an application if you want to be considered for a place in this elite group.

Think about your investment like this … when you combine our monthly one2one mentoring sessions and monthly master classes, that’s 18 private meetings we’ll have in the next nine months that will be directly relevant, useful and totally focused on your needs!

I’m certain in every meeting you will get at least four ideas, techniques, models and tips you can apply immediately; plus action points that will help you step up to the next level.

If you are still concerned or uncertain, I want to put your mind at ease completely. Send me an email to and let me know what is worrying you.

Special fast action bonuses

When you apply today you will also get two exclusive bonues

Bonus one: Project Communications System

The Communicating Projects System follows a proven route map for explaining projects I have fine-tuned during 15 years working with complex and multi-site project teams.

I’ve found this route map works for any project - CRM rollouts, business process re-engineering, office relocations, redeployment, technology rollouts, culture change and more.

Your bonus includes a comprehensive manual, dvds, step-by-step action plan and the practical style guide Write for your Reader.

Bonus two: Keys to my engagement & communications vault

Over the past four years I’ve created lots of articles and podcasts on engagement and communications topics; all are practical and designed to help people like you improve relationships with stakeholders.

As a member of Engagement Experts you get unrestricted access to this vault of information I have created – for no additional cost!

In 2014 we have just eight places available in Engagement Experts!

Our nine-month programme begins in September and runs to April 2015.

When you apply today there’s absolutely no obligation for you to accept a place if its offered

But you do need to fill out an application if you want to be considered for a place in this elite group


If you are still concerned or uncertain, I want to put your mind at ease completely. Send me an email to and let me know what is worrying you

You decide, is it time for you to step up to the next level…

If you’ve an experienced professional you don’t need another training course or workshop, all they teach is theory.

Much better is a mentor and coach – someone who has first hand experience of putting engagement into practice with organisations like yours.

Who has a proven track record of helping people like you build relationships based on trust and respect.

Someone who can tell when they should hold your hand and when to push you hard; who can share the specific practical steps for engaging with each of your key people.

Quite frankly this is the only place where you can get a high level of personal support from someone who knows stakeholder engagement inside out.

I’m 100% certain that when you’re accepted into this programme and apply what I share, you will find your key stakeholders become more supportive and more involved.

So providing you’re ready to commit, I invite you to fill in your application right now and take the first step in winning support from senior executives and end users over the next 12 months.


Don’t kick yourself later for missing out!

I’m excited to help you make 2014 you best year ever.

Best regards, Jo Ann Sweeney

Got Questions?

Ask any question you have about Engagement Experts and we'll help you decide if it's right for you. Send me an email to