Prevent Company Communication Confusion

by Jo Ann Sweeney - 08:00 on 11 January 2016

One of the worst culprits in company communication errors is confusion. The other is lack of responsibility. If you want your project to run smoothly and things to actually get done then this article will show you how to prevent company communication confusion from ever happening.

In a company communication is of paramount importance. Information needs to be transmitted both internally and externally. Everyone needs to know the vision, the mission, the plan and their individual tasks and roles need to be communicated effectively.

Its common practise to just let these important communications be done by whoever seems to be in charge at that moment in any particular way they seem fit.


A Risky Gamble

I’m sure we can agree that every company needs systems to be most effective and that these systems need to be documented, trained and constantly open to innovation.

However this systems focus doesn’t always seem to apply to communication.

We trust that the right people will get the right message at the right time in the right way and therefore put our projects and our budgets at great risk!

The Buck Stops Here

There needs to be one individual who owns the overall company communications goals. Even though this person doesn’t have to actually do all the communicating they will ultimately be responsible for making sure messages get passed on and action gets taken.

They can be the person people turn to for communication guidance and support.

One of the major problems that can happen without a dedicated Internal Communications Manager is that everyone assumes a message will be passed on or that an action from a memo will get taken. Without ownership there is assumption and the potential for error.

Who is the owner of your communications?

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