Avoiding communication howlers

by Jo Ann Sweeney - 06:45 on 16 September 2014

Do relationships underpin communications? Or is it communication skills that underpin relationships?

Actually I’ve come to believe they are the same thing! How we connect with other people and build relationships is totally dependent on how we express who we are and what we stand for. Equally important is revealing we respect and value others.

In her column blogger Lolly Daskal lists nine Communication Mistakes to Avoid that apply in both our personal and business lives:

  • One-size-fits-all communication
  • Lack of attention to tone
  • Avoiding the difficult conversation
  • Holding back what’s on your mind
  • Reacting instead of responding
  • Indulging in gossip
  • Closing your mind
  • Speaking more and listening less
  • Thinking you are being understood.

This list focuses on the mechanics of communication. There is also a bigger picture and it’s our mindset. When we connect with people who do we put first; ourselves or the other person?

Remembering to put them first, we will share what they are interested in and want to hear about, using language they can relate to, and channels they prefer. We are putting ourselves in their shoes.

Do you have other communication howlers to add to this list?

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