Adding spice to meetings with buzzword bingo

by Jo Ann Sweeney - 06:13 on 09 September 2014

Ever been fed up with speakers who talk in convoluted language to hide the fact they don’t really know what they are on about! Or who don’t want to reveal things to their audience!

Actually we all rely heavily on jargon. We use business phrases that sound good but have multiple meanings. Think monetise, turnkey, hardball, heads up, no brainer, sticky change, partner, centricity!

It’s a very long list. The website Bullshit Bingo has turned these words into a game we can play in meetings and presentations when we suspect speakers are going to be relying on buzzwords rather than explaining what they really mean.

There are an awful lot of buzzwords on the website. They’re easy to download in randomly generated bingo cards that change when the page is refreshed. What’s more, words can be downloaded by topic – agile, software development, customer service, human resources, marketing, et al.

The game can be played with printed cards, on line, or with a smart phone. Just like bingo players mark their card when they hear the words and phrases. First to get a full card wins!  They can:

  • Stand up and yell bingo – might cause problems
  • Look at other participants and mouth the word bingo
  • Raise a hand and use the word bingo within a comment or question.

Whatever they do it makes the meeting more interesting and helps with listening.

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