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Transforming Tuesdays

Carving out creative space each week where we discover new ways of engaging with stakeholders

Giving ourselves space to think creatively and connect with the knowledge buried deep in our subconscious is not easy when we are in the midst of pressure and deadlines.

Let me help with my weekly Transforming Tuesdays newsletter delivered direct to your inbox. You’ll find it helps you think laterally and uncover new ways of connecting with your stakeholders.

Each week I share one small change I have found makes a big difference including

  • How to apply comms theory in the real world
  • Secrets I’ve learnt in 25 years in-house and as a consultant
  • Toolkits, resources, examples and action plans I use with my clients.

If you are serious about connecting with your key stakeholders and keeping them up-to-date with what is happening in your transformation programme, then this newsletter is for you.

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Best wishes,
Jo Ann Sweeney

Sweeney Communications Ltd
Thornton Heath, Surrey, United Kingdom
Registered in England no. 3982361

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